Handmade goods, supplies and stories from our mini fiber farm and adventures in homesteading

My Great Grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was about 10 years old, and I never set down the hook or yarn since then. My passion for yarncrafting and our interest in living more simply and easier on the earth led me and my husband to decide to try our hand at starting our very own fiber farm. After a big move from Oregon to the Central Coast of California, we found a lovely little spot to start our own little homestead, fiber farm and our new business of Fiberton Acres.

We have 5 funny angora bunnies, Penny and Rory, and their kids, Jet, Spike, Faye Faye and Edward. Our most recent additions are Rocky and Adrian, two lovely little Shetland Sheep....who recently had a little Easter lamb named Paulty! We work with folks in the area who have alpacas, and get local fiber from them, as well.

With all this fiber, we have started spinning, felting, knitting, and crocheting lovely goods, as well as granny chic items and geek chic items, and supplies for other yarn crafters. My parents help out with some of the items as well - most of our project bags and crochet hooks are made by my mom and our wood turned items by my dad.

It has been a blast and complete crash course. We love to share our items with folks who regale us with stories of family members -parents and grandparents- who our items remind them of. We hope you will enjoy these items as much as we do making them!

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