Ash's Quick and Comfy Leg Warmers

Ash's Comfy, Quick Leg Warmers


US 9 (aka 5.5mm) double pointed needles (set of 5)

2 skeins of worsted weight yarn (I used Vanna's Choice purple)


Pattern is made for a medium sized leg - calf size 14-15in

In parentheses you will find adjustments for small and large that will look like....

ex: (sm-56, lg-64)


DPN's- Double Pointed Needles

Kn- Knit

P- Purl

St- Stitches

Kn2tog- Knit two together

Le Pattern:

Cast on 60 (sm-56, lg-64) using 2 strand cast-on method (here is a vid for this method - I like this method because it allows for more give to fit over the foot) and distribute evenly onto 4 of the DPN's.

You are starting at the calf section of the leg-warmer. The first pattern will be knit 2, purl 2 pattern for ribbed top.

1st Row: Beginning with Kn, and being careful not to twist the piece, join the ends and place marker. This will start the Kn2, P2 ribbing pattern. Continue ribbing until piece measures 3 inches.

Variation - Something I might do in my next pair is either add a contrasting color strip or do the ribbing in a contrasting color.

Next row: Knit only. Continue for next 6 rows.

Next row (decrease row): After the above 6 rows of knit, you will have your first decrease row. At the beginning of each of the needles on this row, kn2tog, giving you 56 (sm-52, lg-60) stitches left on needles.

Next 6 rows: Knit only

Next row: Decrease row as above, now 52 (sm-48, lg-56) stitches on needles.

Next 6 rows: Knit only

Next row: Decrease row as above, final time, to 48 (sm-44, lg-52) stitches on needles.

Next row: Continue in knit only patter for desired length, keeping in mind that we will add 3 inches of ribbing at the bottom. (I made the knit only about 7 inches long)

Once you have reached the desired length of knit only, begin final ribbing by switching back to kn2, p2 until final ribbing reaches 3 inches. Then loosely bind off (this is important...I have have many a time had things not fit because I bound off too tight.)

Finally, take a crochet hook and slip the string from the bind off through the first stitch of that last row to complete the row and tie off and weave in ends.